The Solera Project

This page is an Internet based tracking log of the spirits (whiskies) contained in my Solera Bottle. It will likely be a slow updating page, but rest assured, as I add more flavors to the bottle, I will be updating this. Check back regularly to see what’s new.

If you aren’t familiar with the idea of a Solera Bottle, I’m going to direct you to Ralfy. He does a much better job of explaining it than I can, and gives you hints on how to start your own.

I started with a bottle of Hibiki Harmony, a blended Japanese whisky. I chose Hibiki for a several reasons. First, it comes in a very unique and beautiful bottle. As a Solera Bottle is something to be kept for many decades, I felt it important that it be in an attractive bottle. Second, Hibiki is widely regarded as one of the finest blends in the world. Quality in a Solera Bottle makes for better flavors, so it’s best to start with something of high quality and continue adding other whiskies of quality. Third, Hibiki is not expensive. It can be had here in Japan for under 4,000¥ (~$39 USD).

  • Hibiki Harmony (2016)
  • Old Pulteney 21 (circa 2014) 7/18/2016
  • Yamazaki 2014 Limited Edition 8/10/2016