When I originally began this blog, the idea was that Latin Rite Motorsports (LRMS) would become an organization to give people with a passion for both racing and the Catholic Church an outlet. At the time, I raced as a member of the Southeast Region of the  National Auto Sports Association of America (NASA) as well as with several autocross organizations in the state of North Carolina. I used to compete in D Stock with a 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX TR, but then moved on to a 1989 Toyota MR2 SC which I drove in CSP for autocross and HPDE at track days. I have retired from racing, moved to Japan for four years, and moved back.

The focus of this site has naturally evolved with my ever-changing situation. I talk about anything and everything that interests me. Expect posts related to Catholicism, racing, whisky, and music to be a regular part of the discussions here, as well as anything else that I find fun and/or interesting. This blog updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I used to have a 5:00pm deadline for my Wednesday articles, but I’ve had to drop that because of my random work hours. Every Monday, I post an article called Music Monday where I highlight a band and/or song I particularly enjoy. My musical tastes are eclectic, so it’s only a matter of time before I post something you’ll enjoy. I recommend checking them all out, though. You might find a new favorite band. Wednesdays tend to be a bit of a grab bag. I post things about my life, topics that interest me, or just musings about something that happens to be on my mind. On Fridays, I post an article called Saint of the Week. As you might imagine, I use this article to point out a saint from that liturgical week and point out lessons that we can learn from their lives. I hope that you will join me on a regular basis to discuss matters of importance to life and faith or maybe something a bit trivial. Just keep things civil, please.

Please remember to like and comment on articles. Your participation makes it much easier for me to continue writing. Thank you, and may you have a truly blessed day.