CCR Points Event #3 – Metrolina Expo?

I promised myself that I would have this page updated by the Tuesday after a race. It’s really a good thing I don’t rely on this for income otherwise I’d be completely broke. Or at least more broke than I already am. Anyway, the third points event for CCR had originally been scheduled to take place at Metrolina Expo, but because of a scheduling conflict, it had to be moved to Knights Stadium. In order for Knights to accommodate us, the event had to be moved up a week. This wasn’t really an issue in and of itself, but there are a lot of people that don’t particularly like the Knights lot. Between that and the fact that SCR was holding an event on Saturday at Michelin (which anybody that’s ever been to both tracks will tell  you is a far superior place to race), an executive decision was made to drop the CCR event altogether and have a joint event at Michelin. This decision, if it wasn’t a no-brainer to begin with, was made even easier given the fact that Michelin is technically a part of the Central Carolinas Region. That meant that SCR was there only with CCR’s blessing and they couldn’t really say no if we wanted to join them on what is effectively our territory.

Initially, I was going to opt out of this event and just relax. It is, after all, a 3.5 hour drive from Greensboro. That makes for an extremely early morning if I’m going to get there in time for tech and registration and expect to be able to walk the course before the driver’s meeting. Fortunately, one of my buddies kindly offered to let me use one of his extra bedrooms on Friday night if I would caravan down with him on Saturday morning. I took him up on this, but because of a miscalculation on my part, we ended up arriving on-site with about 4 minutes left before registration closed.

One of the really nice things about Michelin is that it is absolutely flat, with no imperfections, bumps or cracks in the pavement at all. This suits me well, as I haven’t had the opportunity to swap out the springs on the MR2 yet, so it still hops rather vigorously every time I hit a bump. The car loves places like this and it really showed. I had a decent run my first time out, but knew that I had to be much faster if I expected to be competitive. On the second run, I dropped almost a full second (and didn’t hit a cone as I had on the first lap). Counting the cone, that was 2.9 seconds faster. My third run was an additional second and a half faster, dropping me down into the high 1:03’s. That ended up being as fast as I could go that day. My fourth run I pushed a bit too hard and spent half the lap chasing the back end of the car. I almost could’ve qualified for a drift event as much as I was hanging the back end out. I’m not sure how much of it you can see in the video, but I’m sure it was entertaining to watch. On the whole, my lap time turned out to be extremely average, and I placed pretty much exactly where I figured I would, given the competitors registered in my class.





And videos: