I apologize for the lack of activity on my blog in recent weeks. I’ve wanted to keep to my regular posting schedule, but life has just been too busy for me to commit any time to writing. While I can’t go in to all the reasons for my overwhelming schedule in recent weeks at this time, they will likely become obvious at a later date.

I was able to watch some of the Winter Olympics in what little free time I’ve had recently, and I really enjoyed it. When it comes to winter sports, I definitely have a new favorite sport to follow: the biathlon. If you aren’t familiar, the biathlon consists of cross country skiing and shooting. The targets are about 50 yards away and are the size of a CD. Just hitting that target isn’t good enough, however. You have to hit the center, which is the size of a golfball. Now, hitting a golfball at 50 yards with a rifle is difficult on the best of days. Imagine trying to hit that very same target at the same distance after skiing cross country (up and downhill) for several kilometers. ¬†With your heart racing and your lungs working overtime, that difficult shot suddenly becomes an impossibility. Yet the olympians will average around 75-80% success rates both prone and standing. It really is an amazing sport. It was helped by a photo finish after 15km and four shooting stations. Gold and silver were separated by a couple of inches at most. Great stuff.

The other sport that really caught my attention was ice hockey. This is not particularly shocking, as I’ve been a fan of hockey for years. This was the first time I’d ever seen women’s hockey. I must say that I was extremely impressed. These women played good, quality hockey and weren’t afraid to get physical when the situation required. The gold medal game between the US and Canada was an all-time classic as well. It’s hard to say enough good things about the level of competition that the ladies brought to their game. I, for one, was extremely impressed and would love to see more. It’s a shame that the NWHL only has four teams, all of which hail from the Northeast.

My schedule is unlikely to slow down any time soon. I shall endeavor to keep to my regular posting schedule when possible, but don’t be surprised if I miss a few posts now and again. Thanks for reading.